Mendoza Vendimia Harvest Festival

  Mendoza Harvest Festival

Mendoza Harvest Festival Package 2013


The first week of March 2013, is a very important week here in Mendoza. It is during this week that the entire community celebrates the harvest of the grapes. For this celebration the people of Mendoza celebrate the end of the long year, their hard-work and effort, the carefully grown grapes that will make the best wine, and for those who suffered the all-too- common hail storms, and lost their grape-production, it is time for their hopes to be reborn.

Vendimia in Mendoza is not just one big night, it is a long celebration that lasts throughout the summer. Each district in the province of Mendoza (total of 17 + capital district) elects a harvest queen during the summer months. The festival begins on the first Friday of March:

The first event of Vendimia features the queens’ “Via Blanca,” and is held on Friday night. The “Via Blanca” is a parade in which allegorical vehicles from each of the provincial departments carry their queens along the streets of downtown Mendoza. Be sure to catch one of the grape clusters thrown by the queens!!!


Mendoza Harvest Festival

Saturday morning, the celebrations continue:

A similar parade, called “Carroussel de las Reinas,” takes place on Saturday morning. The same allegorical vehicles parade once more through the streets of Mendoza, together with carriages, wagons and stagecoaches from the colonial times; old cars, loaded donkeys, “gauchos” riding on horses, musical groups from visiting countries, and bands of street actors and musicians. This is a day of celebrations and performances you cannot miss!

The Vendemia celebration concludes with: The Harvest Festival 2013

Mendoza Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival takes place at night and is the biggest celebration in Mendoza. More than 20,000 spectators sit in the Greek amphitheatre located in Parque San Martin, joined by thousands seated at the foot hills of Cerro de la Gloria to see the show. More than 400 actors create an unforgettable spectacle that narrates the spirit of the wine-makers. Afterwards the national grape harvest queen is elected, and an impressive firework show will put an end to the big night.


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