San Juan Wine Tour

To complete a perfect wine tour in Argentina, you cannot miss the San Juan region. This region  concentrates almost 21% of the total wine production in Argentina. 


During the last decade, there has been a constant investment by wine-makers in San Juan to reach higher quality grapes and wines. The Syrah (or Shiraz) is definitely the most distinctive grape of this province. San Juan is located in the Tulum valley, between the Andes and Pie de Palo hills at the left bank of San Juan River. The average altitude 650 m (2,133 ft) above sea level, with a population of around 112,000 people. Rainfall is scarce and 65% of the surrounding area's agricultural production is related to wine production.

Malbec Symphony would like to offer you a trip to San Juan so that you can experience the wonderful wines, traditions and historiy this region has to offer. In San Juan we will provide you with a wide range of the wine-tasting oppurtunites, as well as possible trips to Ischigualasto and Talampaya Parks.

Example Wine Tour in San Juan:

We will start with the winery Garaffigna which is the oldest winery  in the San Juan region! It started in 1870 with Santiago Graffigna, an Italian immigrant. At that time the business was small because of the lack of transportation, but in 1885 the train arrived directly to the winery and the sale of wine was multiplied by 10. In the 1900īs the winery improved itsī winemaking process by integrating modern technology. The building itself is very interesting as it shows the architecture from the last century. The winery also has  as a museum that was opened in 2003. In the museum there is a room dedicated to the history of the wine making process from the last century. To end the tour you will visit the former winery and visit the wine bar where you will taste several wines from Graffigna.

Callia     Callia1

Next we will drive towards Caucete to visit the winery Callia, a  renowned winery from San Juan owned by  Salentein! The vineyards at Callia are  located at the feet of the Palo hill at 1.380 mt ( 4.526 feet) in the Tullum Valley which is considered to be the best for quality grape production in the San Juan region. The estate vineyards also benefit from the neighbouring snow-capped Andes, which provide pure snowmelt water for drip irrigation. After the visit to the winery, you will taste some of Calliaīs superb wines!

Then it will be time to have lunch before returning back to Mendoza!