Salta & Cafayate Wine Tour

Cafayate is a very unique terroir or wine growing region, and is home to the most famous Torrontés, the only Argentinean variety. The high altitude (average of 1700 masl) and year-round clear skies creates intense and unforgettable wines. The Torrontés is full of aromas, sweet in the nose, but dry and refreshing. The reds are ink-intense, with great structure and unique personality.

Malbec Symphony offers customized wine tours in Cafayate, with elaborate lunches at local wineries, and tastings of the best wines. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to visit the following wineries: San Pedro de Yacochuya, Bodega Colomé, Finca Las Nubes, El Esteco, or any other wineries of your choice.

Estancia Colomé (Salta Province, North West Argentina)

Few places on earth remain untouched in their natural beauty – Estancia Colomé with its 96'000 acr / 39'000 ha of land, is one of them. The rural luxury boutique hotel, managed by Alexis S. Rigby, provides the perfect setting to unwind and enjoy the "Colomé Experience."

If you are looking for a relaxing and unique hide-away to calm down from your hectic everyday life – Estancia Colomé is just the place. We are offering not only a high standard of comfort, with many outdoor activities, but also a holistic experience in the midst of biodynamic vineyards, complete with handcrafted wines and healthy natural food.

Before having lunch or dinner, or while having a glass of wine on the main terrace, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the 150-year-old vineyards and the snow covered mountain of Nevado de Cachi (20'900 ft / 6'370 m altitude).

The Bodega and Estancia / Hotel Colomé, are nestled in the Calchaquí Valley at 7'546 ft / 2’300m altitude in the Northwest of Argentina.

Patios de Cafayate (Salta Province, North West Argentina)

Patio de Cafayate          Patio de Cafayate

Enter the enchanting glass lobby of Patios de Cafayate Hotel & Spa and experience true elegance. Rich in culture, wine, and tradition, Patios de Cafayate Hotel & Spa embraces its spectacular views of the Calchaquí Valley vineyards. Take a stroll through their extensive gardens and admire traditional architecture and antique colonial patios.

Ancient traditions of the Calchaquí Valley promote relaxation, health, and pleasure and continue today as the philosophy of Winespa. Generations of unique treatments unite at Winespa – the most frequent including the carob tree, cactus and molle. Pamper yourself with world-class treatments amongst breathtaking views of the valley. Extend your journey at thier exquisite restaurant, where the chefs prepare recipes of interesting indigenous ingredients passed down from generations.

Antique furniture, artisan carpets, ceramic floors and penny royal baskets decorate each of their thirty guest rooms and suites. Their uniquely designed suites accent traditional culture and offer guests the luxury of a double Jacuzzi in the bathroom. Beautiful views of the vineyard and hills or spectacular garden scenes create long-lasting memories of your stay at Patios de Cafayate Hotel & Spa.

Cafayate Wine Resort (Salta Province, North West Argentina)

Cafayate Wine Resort       Cafayate Wine Resort

The Wine Resort is located in the city of Cafayate, 1,86 miles away from the main square, on 25 de Mayo St, on the way to the Divisadero. It was built amidst a vineyard plantation at the foot of the impressive San Isidro Hill.

The rooms have access to a spacious covered balcony overlooking the vineyards, granite hills, and Cafayate Canyon.

Chañarmuyo (La Rioja Province, North West Argentina)

Chañarmuyo Estate is a winery that combines both new technology and the exclusive resources of a unique terroir in its production phases. Its vineyards extend across the Paimán range foot, Chañarmuyo, at 1,720 meters above sea level, La Rioja Province. There, the differences in temperature between day and night are considerable, and a gentle breeze blows over the fiercely beautiful, uninhabited landscape. Hundreds of years ago, the pre-Columbian culture left its stamp on the rocks. Today, those lands are silent witnesses of an imposing viticultural project that has become a source of pride for La Rioja Province due to its international recognition for wine production.

In the middle of this arid, surprising and sublime landscape, there lies Chañarmuyo Estate Resort. A simple and welcoming heaven that matches the surrounding scenery. An ideal place to grasp the spirit of La Rioja, taste regional dishes, wander around the hills and regain your energy after memorable visits to Famatina, Santo Domingo, Chilecito, Cuesta de Mirandya or the Talampaya National Park.

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